About us

Sobre o iPED
iPED is one of the largest education systems in Brazil. It has more than 5 million students and is present in more than 60 countries.

About the company

Founded in 2001 and positioned in the market as a true educational enterprise, iPED - Polytechnic Institute of Distance Education - invests in the formation of moral and social values. The mission of the company is to promote education in a democratic manner, bringing to the market more than 1,200 courses, 55 areas and present in more than 60 countries.

iPED, which has trained more than 5 million students throughout its history, has established itself as one of the main means of online education in Brazil.

About the structure

In its own headquarters in São Paulo, with more than 500 m2, iPED records 5 courses simultaneously. There are 70 direct professionals and more than 200 indirect employees involved in its operation.

There are several servers and dozens of audiovisual equipment to transmit classes for 100 thousand students every day and another 5 thousand new ones that arrive at iPED every day.

Mission, vision and values


"Generate opportunities for people to enter a world of knowledge and professional qualification.
For us it is more than a commitment, it is a pleasure".


"Qualify millions of people in an unlimited and flexible way."


"Generate opportunities, valorization and recognition.
Have excellence in teaching, management and results.
Cultivate social and moral values".

Testimonials from our students

Maria Helena dos Reis

"I did not know the iPED Courses, I found in a survey about online courses. It was the first time I took an online course and was able to print the certificate quietly."

Maria Helena dos Reis - Registro, Brazil

Mércia Paranhos

"I found the online course very good. Being a free course, online and offered by teachers make it all very good, I loved every online course. Congratulations."

Mércia Paranhos - Capim Grosso, Brazil

Suelen Christine S. B. Mendonça

"It was a very profitable course to take this professional course, I will recommend to all iPED online courses, mainly because they offer free certificate."

Suelen Christine S. B. Mendonça - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Award-winning and recognized company

  • Trophy Business Brazil
  • Brazil e-Learning Award (Training)
  • Excellence with the consumer
  • Sustainable practices (education)
  • Brazil e-Learning Award (Social Project)
  • iBest Award - Education and training (popular vote)
  • Superior international business award
  • International business and marketing trophy
  • Business Trophy Sao Paulo
  • Award for innovation in education