Terms of use - Contract


1.1. The INSTITUTE POLITÉCNICO DE EDUCACIÓN A DISTANCIA contracted, inscribed in CNPJ 04.978.939 / 0001-86, located in Rua do Oratoria, 2430 - Mooca - São Paulo - SP, hereinafter called by its trademark "iPED";

1.2. The contractor, bearer of the document informed and duly registered in our database and identified by their access codes, hereinafter referred to as login and password.

1.3. These General Terms and Conditions refer to the parties mentioned above and apply to the use of the products and services offered by the contractor. Any contractor wishing to use iPED services will accept the General Terms and Conditions and all other policies and principles that govern it.

1.4. If the Subscriber can not be classified as responsible, the obligations established in this agreement will be transferred to their legal guardians.

1.5. The iPED may modify the terms of the services now available, while the Subscriber may communicate in writing, by email, to request information about the changes made.


2.1. The iPED offers the service of courses through the internet.

2.2. The system of the site will require the username and password (duly registered at the time of registration) to access the exclusive area, called "Educational Center".


3.1. The iPED will allow access twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Except for the reason described in items 3.2. subsection (d), 5.3. and 5.4.

3.2. iPED undertakes to make available the access service contracted by the Subscriber, in the General Terms and Conditions of the chosen inclusion plan, and may eventually suffer interruptions due to: (a) unavailability caused by problems of the person responsible for connecting the Internet site; (b) incidental cases that prevent the provision of services; (c) lack of electricity supply; and (d) technical and / or operational problems that require the temporary closure of the system, adjustments that avoid the occurrence of faults in the transmission system and / or routing in the Internet access.

3.3. In the case of Cursinhoweb (cursinhoweb.com.br) and ENEM (iped.com.br/enem) where there is support from the teachers, the questions and answers are produced live. In other places, we do not offer the support of the teachers.

3.4. iPED reserves the right to discontinue its educational services if it tries to bypass the security system of computers to which it does not have access authorization or to share its access with other persons.

3.5. The iPED can, if necessary, prevent the progress of the course if the contractor has a load shorter than the minimum stipulated for each course. This time may vary in each step of the course. In the courses that offer certificate, iPED also has the right to avoid printing the certificate if the use is less than 70%. In the case of iped.tv, access is free and without restrictions; and the certificate has a standard workload of 20 hours.

3.6. All certificates issued by iPED will have a minimum workload of 10 hours and a maximum of 120 hours, depending on the site and the type of plan chosen and the study complement with support material. Except for packages that can have a load of more than 120 hours and access through iped.tv that has a maximum load of 20 hours. The complete plan of the courses iped.tv that access through the iPED site has set a workload of 80 hours.

3.6.1 If the student completes the course in less than 5 days, his or her workload will be reduced to 10 hours of study regardless of the chosen plan.

3.6.2 If the student does not complete the course within 3 months, iPED is entitled to zero progress and / or change the start date to the current date.

3.6.3 In the case of training courses (packages), you must have at least 75 days between the start date of the first and the end date of the last course. That is, it is necessary to study the package for at least 75 days in order to be entitled to the certificate of professional training.

3.7. Complete the name, CPF and the address in the register is the responsibility of the student, all the costs of the submission of the certificate due to errors in the filling of the registration data are the responsibility of the CONTRACTING PARTY.

3.8. iPED reserves the right to exclude any registration that is not within the company's use policy.

3.9. Upon completion of the cell field, the contractor accepts that the contractor occasionally sends pedagogical SMS or about the cadastral situation.

3.10. iPED is not responsible for damages to your professional or personal life, due to the vision of your profile on the site by a third party, since the availability of the photos is optional and public for viewing and dissemination.

3.11. iPED and its suppliers do not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of external links and other elements in the materials. iPED is responsible for accessing material available through its system, and its copying, printing, reproduction or any other type of use is prohibited without authorization, and violators are subject to the corresponding civil and penal sanctions, in accordance with Laws 9,279 / 96, 9,610 / 98 and 9,609 / 98.

3.12. iPED will not be responsible for damages resulting from illegal access by third parties or hackers to the site, using the username and password, which is for your exclusive use.

3.13. iPED reserves the right to maintain the database in its database for a longer period than the one contracted, and may even use it exclusively for the purpose of the disclosure on the site.

3.14. The iPED can eventually send a pedagogical message on their behalf or on behalf of their colleagues. These messages are meant to encourage you and your classmates to study. This automatic option generates points and is optional, and can be canceled at any time in the options of your account.


3.16. We know that the machines have a useful life and that, throughout this life, they can present faults. Inevitably, power supplies are burned, hard drives can die, memories can fail, networks can lose packets, among other possible problems. We always prepare ourselves to anticipate and avoid these faults, but it is not always possible. SO, IN NO EVENT WILL iPED OR ITS SUPPLIERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, INCLUDING (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) LOSS OF PROFITS, INTERRUPTION OF THE BUSINESS OR LOSS OF INFORMATION ARISING FROM USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE MATERIALS, EVEN IF THAT iPED HAS HAN BE ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. AS SOME JURISDICTIONS PROHIBIT THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.


4.1. The contractor will be responsible for the correct use of your username and password, which are of exclusive use.

4.2. The contractor must provide Internet access at his own expense.

4.3. Personal information; including their own CPF or, if they do not have, the CPF of a responsible CPF; the collection data reported by the contractor is his total responsibility, supporting civil and criminal penalties that eventually arise.

4.4. After registration, the contractor undertakes to provide true, updated and complete information as requested on the registration pages.

4.5. The contractor assumes all the responsibilities and responsibilities derived from his acts and misconduct as a student of iPED, also responds to acts that third parties practice on his behalf, by using his username and password access.

4.6. As consideration for the services of this contract, the contractor must pay the iPED the constant amount in the registration environment, on the dates and / or periodicity to which it refers, corresponding to the contracted plan.

4.7. The contractor will be entitled to an extracurricular fee if he studies offline with the appropriate manual of the iPED before the end of the course.

4.8. The student has the right to print the certificate at no additional cost. Except in the case that the student takes a course for free or has registered through vouchers / coupons of associated companies. In all exceptions, the student must pay for the preparation and freight of the special certificate. The digital certificate is available to all who are entitled to the special certificate or to acquire it, it is issued in double-sided PDF and also has an authenticity number. In the trainings that do not have a certificate (ENEM and Reinforcement School) the student has no right to it.

4.9. In case the special certificate returns, after the shipment, the fee of $ 49.90 will be charged to resend it. However, it is possible to withdraw at the iPED headquarters (without charge) for up to 6 months.


5.1. All plans and forms of payment are presented on the website and the information provided by the user is the sole responsibility of the contractor, in accordance with point 4.3 of this agreement.

5.2. The Subscriber will authorize the iPED to make the charges in the manner and means chosen, being exempt from any liability or obligation the iPED and the authorized company of the debt. In the event that the student is outside Brazilian territory, an additional fee of R $ 50.00 (fifty reais) will be charged to cover possible taxes or freight costs.

5.3. In case there is any impediment to the payment of your plan due to the responsibility of the contractor, iPED reserves the right to suspend for an indefinite period the services provided in this contract and is obliged to notify the user by email so that make. regularization of the pendency.

5.4. In case of non-regularization of the status of your plan, iPED will be authorized to have indefinite access.


6.1. This registration will be valid for an indefinite period of time, being valid as long as the contractor keeps his username and password active on the site, always respecting the payment plan and the chosen form.

- iPED plan courses - site: www.iped.com.br

- Free course: exclusive for new students and grants the right to 30 consecutive days of access to 1 (one) course among those predefined by iPED. This plan does not have additional services and is not cumulative.

- Individual course - Premium Plan: 30 calendar days of access to a course.

- Unlimited plan: 365 consecutive days of access to all courses in all areas. You can watch all video courses in all areas in an unlimited way.

- On the page of each course, you can see the price, the forms of payment and the additional services.

- Iped.tv and unlimited plans

- Economic plan: 365 consecutive days of access to 1 (one) course area. You can watch all the video courses in an unlimited area.

- Individual plan: 365 consecutive days of access to all areas of the courses. You can watch all video courses in all areas in an unlimited way.

- Family plan: 365 consecutive days of access for up to 3 (three) people in all areas of the courses. You can watch all video courses in all areas in an unlimited way.

Automatic renewal occurs in all monthly, semi-annual or annual plans. If it does not happen, due to a problem with your credit card, your access will be interrupted immediately.

- ENEM and Cursinhoweb Plans

- Annual plan (promotional): access to 7 Courseware 100% in video lessons + access to all queries + access to all ENEM live video lessons + unlimited questions sent to teachers for the value of 249.90 (two hundred forty-nine) real and (ninety) cents.

Requests for cancellation of any plan or course must be requested through the form at iped.com.br/fale-conosco. The email entered in the form must be the same email address as the site. If different emails are used, the applicant must provide the following information in the sent message: registration email and payment method (Credit card: Banner + the last 4 digits, bank receipt, etc.). up to 7 calendar days from the date of payment, with full refund of the amount paid, in accordance with our satisfaction and quality policy. Exclusively in unlimited promotion plans (economic, individual and family) the cancellation will be possible after 7 days observing the following rules: After 7 days and up to 15 days from the date of purchase, a fine of 50% of the value will be applied. After 15 days and up to 30 days, the fine becomes 75% of the value. And after 30 days, no chargebacks will be made for the valid access until the end of the chosen plan.

- 6.3 live lessons

6.3.1 The free courses offered by transmission, on specific dates and times, informed at https://www.iped.com.br/cursos-gratis or https://www.iped.com.br/ aovivo they do not have evaluations and, therefore, do not offer certificates to the Participating Users, as well as any complementary material and other benefits or functionalities offered to the Users who purchase the Courses in Payment Plans, unless expressly indicated otherwise. 6.3.2 All Live Courses will be available to the User for viewing online only through the iPED website and will not provide Users with any other access, such as DVDs, USB sticks or any other medium recorded with such materials. .

7. Privacy policy

7.1. We collect information to provide better services to all our users, from discovering basic things like the language with which you speak, to more complex things such as the knowledge index, the competence in the courses, the behavioral or professional profile.

7.2. We use the information we collect in all our services to provide, maintain, protect and improve these services, develop new ones and provide the necessary information for the performance of the service.

7.3. We do not share personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside the iPED Group, except in one of the following circumstances:

- With your authorization

7.3.1. We will share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside the iPED Group when we are authorized to do so. We request the option to participate to share any confidential information of a personal nature.

- With corporate plans or business partners

7.3.2. If you are part of a company that uses our training and has registered with this company.

- With a court decision

7.3.3. If you have registered through the iPED website, no personal information will be provided to third parties without your authorization. Except by court order.

8. iPED Club

The iPED, through its loyalty program, will rate each student as follows:

How points are earned:

300 points when buying a Brochure

150 points for recommending a friend who bought a course in the Premium Plan

150 points for recommending a friend who bought a course in Plano Plus

500 points when completing a course

100 points to reach 50% of the course

50 points to create a reflective activity

5 points for each comment on the reflective activities related to the course *

5 points for each comment in the study group related to the course *

15 points for each correct answer during the course

10 points for each day that you access the course

50 points for completing your registration correctly and avoiding the loss of certificates.

100 points per Facebook post you are studying **

100 points per post on Facebook you have completed the course **

How are points lost?

-10 points for the missing answers

-10 points when the function is used to eliminate an answer

-20 points when using the function to ask classmates to answer

-15 points when using the same answer as a classmate

-50 points if you do not pass the final exam

-500 points when extending the course for 5 days

-950 points to extend the course for 10 days

-1900 points when extending the course for 20 days

-500 points if you request an ongoing course change

-200 points for zero course and start new

-300 points if you stay more than 7 days without accessing the course in course

-100 points if the system reminds you to study by SMS

-50 points if a second certificate route is issued

-200 points if you do not complete the registration

8.1. Courses purchased in packages (or separately, but comprising a package, for example, Geography - Enem), iped.tv plans, coupons, access cards or promotions do not generate points in the iPED Club program.

8.2. Any score acquired, is valid for 4 months. After this period, the points are no longer valid for the exchange. Example: if your first score was taken on 20/01/2011, it will be valid until 04/20/2011. If for this date you have not been able to complete enough points for the exchange, this score will lose its validity and the next score, for example, 02/25/2011, will be the first valid to accumulate points.

8.3. Any information contained on the websites of the associated companies does not reflect the thinking or philosophy of iPED, as they are solely responsible for the information, photos or images disclosed.

8.4. The iPED is not obliged to offer or replace the product exchanged for a particular student, as these are unique and directly dependent on the availability of the partners. Neither in this sense will the iPED be obliged to open the price of the new product presented with the original, initial or final price of the product, this exclusive charge being the one that fixes it.

8.5. The voucher will contain in its body the term and the conditions for the delivery of the product or service acquired through iPED Clube.

8.6. The partner company that advertises your products on this page is exclusively responsible for the commercial transactions you make with the users of the iPED site.
The marketing of the advertised product or service, as well as the guarantee of its legitimate origin, is the responsibility of the advertiser, and iPED is not responsible for direct and / or indirect damages caused to third parties, arising from the display of the ads in disagreement with the Brazilian Code of Consumer Protection and other laws applicable to the merchant and / or service provider by the advertiser.

9. iPED may change the materials or products subject to these General Rules at any time without prior notice. iPED does not undertake to update the materials.

9.1 The User undertakes to defend, indemnify and hold iPED harmless from any claim, loss, damage, cost or expense incurred due to its improper use of the Site, the Courses and the Content made available therein, by Intellectual property infringement rights of iPED or any third party, as well as for breach of the provisions of these Terms.


9.3 The term of accession, defined as the General Rules, agreed between the parties shall be governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, without taking into account any provision on conflict of laws. The parties choose, to resolve any matter arising from this contract, the forum of the district of the Capital of the State of São Paulo, with express exemption from any other, however privileged it may be.


CNPJ: 04.978.939 / 0001-86

(11) 2028-1135

Internet: https://www.iped.com.br/fale-conosco