Frequently asked questions - Frequently asked questions

1. Are the certificates accepted by CREA, CRC, CRM?

2. Are the certificates accepted in the companies and in a public tender?

3. Are the courses online or face-to-face?

4. Are the courses recognized by the MEC?

5. Can I do the courses on the days and times I want?

6. Can I study offline?

7. Can I take the course by phone, tablet, ipad or iphone?

8. Do I have to follow the schedule obligatorily?

9. Do you have a course for children (children)?

10. Does the course have pedagogical support?

11. How do I access the course after payment?

12. How do I buy a course?

13. How do I join iPED?

14. How do I register for the course?

15. How do I register for the course?

16. How does the course work?

17. How long does it take to release my access after payment?

18. How soon can I finish the course?

19. How soon will my certificate be ready?

20. I'm afraid to register my CPF, is it really accurate?

21. If I drop the connection, will I miss the course?

22. Is it possible to take the course in another country?

23. Is the course higher level?

24. What are the forms of payment?

25. What is detailed in the special certificate?

26. What is the average to pass the course?

27. What is the course schedule?

28. What is the level of the course?

29. What's the plans?