How does it work?

Like a gear, in iPED everything works in harmony and harmony.

Tutorial: How to take a course?

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The company and the recognition

The iPED - Polytechnic Institute of Distance Education - is a duly constituted school and, therefore, its certificate is really valid throughout Brazil and in more than 60 countries.

  1. We have a satisfaction rate of 97.8% that considers our service to be good or excellent;
  2. We have won several awards for quality of service and social responsibility;
  3. Our company has been present in the main communication vehicles of the country.

Advantages of our courses

To register, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the course (s) you want and click on Enroll;
  2. Choose the payment method;
  3. Once you receive payment confirmation by email, you can start the course.

Resources included in each course

  • Online conference equipped with video features
  • Video transmission throughout the course
  • Interactive animations throughout the course
  • Internal research
  • Percentage of performance in the course
  • Study groups
  • Online test for the student to be scheduled
  • Reflective Activities
  • Interactive surveys related to learning
  • Journal of record for notes
  • Course calendar
  • The content is available online.
  • Messenger system between classmates
  • Online test for the student to be scheduled


Our certificates are registered internally, on the back we describe the content of the program, CNPJ of the institution and the signature of the person in charge of the registration. They have a seal of authenticity with the registration number and they are printed on special anti-counterfeit paper.

Our support

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Testimonials from our students

Mércia Paranhos

"I found the online course very good. Being a free course, online and offered by teachers make it all very good, I loved every online course. Congratulations."

Mércia Paranhos - Capim Grosso, Brazil

Maria Helena dos Reis

"I did not know the iPED Courses, I found in a survey about online courses. It was the first time I took an online course and was able to print the certificate quietly."

Maria Helena dos Reis - Registro, Brazil

Gabriella Fernandes Gomes

"The online course has brought me a tremendous opportunity for knowledge within the administration. I had the opportunity to take a free course and get my certificate."

Gabriella Fernandes Gomes - Firminopolis, Brazil