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How does certification work?

About the lessons

The courses have an online evaluation (10 objective questions that last 30 minutes) and three reflective activities (available throughout the course) with scores in the club of advantages and the final average.

Our courses have a messaging system, study groups, online reports, laptop, virtual instructor, video resources and interactive animations.

About Certification

You can print the digital certificate for free or choose to receive the "Special Certificate" at home (additional cost of + freight).

On the back of the certificate is the schedule, CNPJ stamp and the signature of the person in charge, characteristics that are mandatory for the validity of the certificate.

The sending of the "Special Certificate" is immediately after the approval and request. The delivery time varies from 3 (three) to 10 (ten) business days.

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Testimonials from our students

Suelen Christine S. B. Mendonça

"It was a very profitable course to take this professional course, I will recommend to all iPED online courses, mainly because they offer free certificate."

Suelen Christine S. B. Mendonça - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Josué Barbosa Reis

"I found the online course great, succinct and helpful. Would recommend to my friends."

Josué Barbosa Reis - São Joaquim de Bicas, Brazil

Gabriella Fernandes Gomes

"The online course has brought me a tremendous opportunity for knowledge within the administration. I had the opportunity to take a free course and get my certificate."

Gabriella Fernandes Gomes - Firminopolis, Brazil