Female Haircuts Course

About the course

You'll see the most requested cuts in salons like: long bob, beak chanel, layered cut, curly haircuts and more!

  • 1 Chapter 1
  • Lesson 1. Theory of female haircut - Part 1
  • Lesson 2. Anatomy of the Brain
  • Lesson 3. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 4. Finishing - Square Cut to 0 ° Angle
  • Lesson 5. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 6. Finishing - Circular Cut to 0 ° Angle
  • Lesson 7. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 8. Finishing - Angle Incline Cut 0º
  • 2 Chapter 2
  • Lesson 9. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 10. Finishing - Cut with straight base and pegged with graduating angle from 45 ° to 90 °
  • Lesson 11. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 12. Finishing - Straight base cut with front facing 90Â ° and back to 90Â ° angle with graduating
  • Lesson 13. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 14. Finishing - Tube base cut with initial angle graduation of 15 ° exponential
  • Lesson 15. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 16. Finishing - Circular cut with single reference point graduated to 90 ° angle
  • Lesson 17. The cut in practice
  • 3 Chapter 3
  • Lesson 18. Finishing - Inclined base cut with graduated graduation at the nape of the neck with 90 ° and 45 ° angle
  • Lesson 19. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 20. Finishing - Cutting with inclined base with forward steering with 45 ° angle
  • Lesson 21. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 22. Finishing - Combined, front tilted back, back to 90 ° circular
  • Lesson 23. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 24. Finishing - Cut over to the top
  • Lesson 25. Short extreme cut with graduation
  • Lesson 26. The cut in practice
  • Lesson 27. Finishing - Short Extreme Cut with Graduation

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Glaucio Lucas Silva

About the Author: Glaucio Lucas Silva

Formed over 15 years as a hairdresser, he sought to improve himself in Barber shops, makeup, coloring, discolouration, eyebrow design and hairstyles. Graduated in Visagism and hair therapy from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. Technician in cuts and Visagism applied. He studied with teachers trained in the most renowned academies in the world such as Vidal Sassoon, Pivot Point, Llongueras and Tony & Guy. Currently works as hair stylis in salons, barbershops. Professor of Serious Institutions in the field of technical education in the area of ​​beauty taught classes and lectures at Senac, Sebrae, Embelleze and iPED. Vloguer with a YouTube video channel on techniques, products and miscellaneous topics.

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